Real-world enterprise application integration solutions

White Papers and Case Studies

Case Studies

Examples of the unique business challenges our clients have utilized our programmatic legacy application integration and web application integration solutions to meet.

White PaperEchoStar Communications Solution

White PaperDavisVision CompuVision Solution

White PaperJohnson & Johnson Intranet Approvals Solution

White PaperQwest Java Solution

White PaperNorthern Virginia Community College

Ideas & Perspectives

There are many ways to solve an enterprise application integration challenge. below you'll find some ideas help put the options into perspective.

New - White PaperWhy Native iPad Apps?

White PaperTransaction Integration in a Service-oriented Architecture (SOA): What does it mean for your business?

White PaperWeb Applications: The New Legacy Systems

White PaperInteraction Integration: How To Make Your Systems Work Together

White PaperTaking Advantage of the Application Integration Framework

White PaperUnderstanding Web Services

White PaperMorely Safer: Meeting the Challenges of Today's Marketplace

White PaperAn Executive Guide to Web Services

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