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Product and Services

Over the past five years, we have developed tools and subsystems that enable all legacy applications to be easily integrated. Rather than focus on terminal emulation for the desktop or the Internet, we have explored and mastered Programmatic Integration. On this foundation, we are developing new, advanced products that make it even easier and more productive for our customers to integrate existing systems.

Legacy Application Integration

Legacy Composer
Legacy Mobile - NEW

Legacy Mobile™ is an enterprise-level solution that enables intelligent legacy connectivity from any Apple iPad.

Legacy Integrator
Legacy Integrator

Programmatically access any legacy application non-intrusively.

Web Application Integration

Web Clipper
Web Clipper - NEW

Create an instant 'clip' of any web content and turn into standard portlet.

Web Clipper

Web Integrator
Web Integrator

Create an instant API for any web application.

Targeted Integration Solutions

HP Integration
HP Integrator

Programmatically access any HP application.

Unisys Integration
Unisys Integrator

Programmatically access any Unisys application.

.NET Bridge
.NET Bridge

Connects HP Integrator and Unisys Integrator to any .NET application.

Professional Services

From definition, through design to implementation, Red Oak Professional Services personnel help enable the integration of all supported legacy applications systems and insure they get successfully integrated into the rest of the enterprise.

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